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As we’ve been working with local businesses on their community engagement, we’ve found that small business owners wish they could be more philanthropic. However, they face a number of challenges, no doubt beginning with time and financial resources, which prevent them from creating much of a storm in their giving.  What we’ve learned is that small business leaders…

  • Are typically not in positions to make significant, impact-driven charitable contributions;
  • Focus the vast majority of their attention on core business needs; far less on community and charitable outreach;
  • May not have the time or resources to identify deserving and specific community needs, when approached or when considering charitable contributions;
  • Might not have the budgets to cover the expenses with public relations; or, have relationships within local media; and,
  • Are always looking to create additional brand name awareness and recognition.

 After hearing these from small business owners time and time again, we decided to create a way for these leaders to make significant community impact without requiring major sacrifices in time and dollar. It didn’t take long for us to create a tool, blending innovation with compassion with connectivity to meet deserving community needs and drive attention to local businesses.

The result – the creation of the Community Catalyst Charitable Fund

Through the Fund, we now provide an exciting avenue for small businesses to become outstanding community supporters at a fraction of the time and cost. It removes any burden and stress and replaces it with a forward-thinking and properly executed system.

The fund enables small businesses to serve as strong community stewards and generate considerable public awareness through their benevolence. It provides tremendous value to participating small business leaders by…

  • Participating in an appealing and strategic giving model;
  • Being recognized as a major charitable contributor, as a result of the collective giving fund;
  • Increasing sales leads by generating public awareness through local and social media;
  • Receiving qualified information about community needs through a charitably-connected resource;
  • Establishing potential vendor and sales connections with fellow participating businesses;
  • Making wise donation decisions by utilizing a charity rating and screening mechanism;
  • Exposing your business and developing stronger relationships with community leaders; and,
  • Placing significant influence on distinct community impact and change.

We take great pride in creating avenues of leadership and financial support within our local charitable community. We accomplish our goals by creating strategies which adhere to our purpose for existence and our mission of enhancing and revolutionizing philanthropy. And, in the end, we really strive to create innovative opportunities for businesses to make meaningful charitable contributions and, in return, generate a great deal of community buzz.

If you’re interested in learning more about NPcatalyst or our Community Catalyst Charitable Fund, please visit our website, send an email to, or call 775-333-9444.


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