Carson Valley Arts Council

Carson Valley Arts Council is recruiting new board members.


Name of Organization – Carson Valley Arts Council

Name of Organization Leader – Sharon Schlegel

Contact’s Phone Number – (775) 782-8207

Email of the leader –


Identify your leadership needs

  • Board trustee/director 
  • Board committee member 
  • Skills-based volunteer
  • Board trustee/director

Board Trustee/Director needs:

  • Looking for professionals (lawyer, accountant, banker, business executive, etc.) to serve on Board of Directors.
  • Two-year commitment.
  • Seeking to fill at least three-to-five positions.

Board committee(s):

We have the following committees: Fundraising, Capital Campaign, Building, Events, Membership, Technical (Website/computer). Should have prior experience in some of the areas.

Event committee(s):

We produce three to six concerts a year. Need help planning the event, setup/teardown at the event, ushering.

Program committee(s):

Capital Campaign, Fundraising and Grant Committees – need people with prior experience in each of the areas. Need someone that has raised a large amount of money to help steer the Capital Campaign and reach potential donnors. Prior experience needed.

Skills-based volunteer needs:

Need a volunteer coordinator who has used a data base system to monitor our volunteers and track hours. Also to enter our exit surveys into a data base and generate a report.

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