The finest year-end gift I’ve seen is…

…one that develops into a true, lifelong partnership. This involves the creation of a strong relationship with a non-profit organization that creates the impact that the donor had intended.

I’m amazed each year at the many campaigns aimed at encouraging “year end” donations to charities. In my twenty-plus years as a non-profit leader, I’ve created many of these campaigns. That said, the greatest value of these efforts is the initiation of new and growing donor relationships.

But now that a new year has begun, I challenge anyone interested in donating to be proactive about their giving. While it’s “customary” for non-profit organizations to pursue supporters, why couldn’t donors approach giving (time and dollar) much like you do a new job, car or home. Much like those pursuits, proactive philanthropy enables you to make wise charitable investments. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Think about the causes which yield your greatest interest, passion and connection;
  • Identify the organizations which employ programs and activities that affect those causes
  • Research each non-profit organization to target those which make the greatest fit for you. Areas to analyze can include: data and efficiency, finance and fund development, governance, human resources and public information.
  • Make a personal contact to the organization(s) you find the greatest connection by communicating with board and/or staff members. Enlisting as a volunteer or calling to learn more are great ways to create a relationship.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a charity which won’t happily accept your year-end donation. Many of these transactions, however, can merely be just transactions. Now, when you make giving of your time and dollar more of a strategy, you’ll find an incredible wealth of excitement, synergy and reward through the relationships you develop and, at the same time, the first-hand witnessing of your direct impact.

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