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Five Rs of Fundraising

by pete on March 23, 2015 · 0 comments

While you’re raising funds for a charitable organization, there’s one approach to generating donations that’s sure to prove successful. Consider how much time and effort goes into planning small and major special events.  Now, imagine that same effort strategically targeted toward cultivating a lifetime donor…a fan who loves and supports your organization and its mission over […]

     Helping people obtain the skills they need to become productive citizens. Guiding people to reconnect with personal values. Providing an enriching environment, enabling people to experience changes in behavior, thinking, and feeling. These represent the hallmark of Safe Harbors of Nevada…to change lives. Each year in northern Nevada, thousands of men and women are […]

  It seems that most nonprofits have more needs than they have resources to fill. By creating a “wish list”, organizations present donors, volunteers, and prospects with specific ways they can engage. Typically, some items on a wish list can be fulfilled with a monetary gift, but most are usually items that are needed. According […]

Giving by fraternity and sorority alumni

by pete on November 15, 2011 · 0 comments

  Do more Greek alumni support their universities than their non-Greek counterparts? A research study conducted by the Center for Advanced Social Research at the University of Missouri showed that men and women who have had a Greek experience are far more likely to actively volunteer and participate in community activities. They are significantly more active in their […]

The finest year-end gift I’ve seen is…

by pete on January 7, 2011

…one that develops into a true, lifelong partnership. This involves the creation of a strong relationship with a non-profit organization that creates the impact that the donor had intended. I’m amazed each year at the many campaigns aimed at encouraging “year end” donations to charities. In my twenty-plus years as a non-profit leader, I’ve created […]