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Engage children in family philanthropy

The future leadership of communities lies in the hands of children. In addition to quality education, philanthropy provides a great tool for childhood and community development.

Involving your children, no matter the age, in philanthropy is a great way to teach values of community, charity and helping your fellow man. In addition to learning from their idols (their parents/family leaders), children can practice goodwill by participating in their family’s giving plan.

A few ways children can serve as “young” philanthropists include:

  • Donating gently used toys, books and clothes to other children who may benefit
  • Redirecting birthday and holiday gifts to other children or organizations
  • Special occasions (such as birthdays, first communions, bar/bat mitzvahs, graduations) which are promoted with invitations and recognized with gifts, can encourage giving contributions to local charities in lieu of gifts
  • Volunteering with family members at local missions, food distribution centers, and special events
  • Participating in youth giving funds or circles

Family volunteering engages children in philanthropy and creates a unique way of spending time together. Ideas and opportunities are limitless and family fun is just one benefit. Subject matter during family meals and on family trips could be around service and community giving. Another idea could even be a volunteer activity on the family’s next vacation.

Involving children in a family’s giving or philanthropic activity can do wonders toward greater family connectivity and communication. Plus, it’ll teach children about appreciation, values, and communal support.



Sierra Nevada Journeys earns “strong” charity rating


Sierra Nevada Journeys, a local non-profit organization providing experiential learning opportunities to children, recently received a “strong” charity score from NPcatalyst. The score recognizes the organization as a “strong” candidate for charitable support, based on its scoring in five areas of operational performance.

NPcatalyst, a Reno-based philanthropic solutions company, rates non-profit organizations using an elaborate analysis of operational efficiencies and procedures. The rating system addresses five key management indicators to derive a true analysis of the organization’s effectiveness.

“We’re proud to award Sierra Nevada Journeys, our most recent HealthCheck participant, with a ‘strong’ rating. The locally-based organization was very interested in receiving a charity rating, as a means of improving performance and leveraging it for increased support.” says Pete Parker, NPcatalyst’s managing partner.

Initially unsure about how the HealthCheck tool would impact his organization, Jonathan Mueller, SNJ’s executive director soon realized the long-lasting value. “What I’m coming to understand about the value of this Healthcheck process is not necessarily the rating itself (though that’s important), but the best-practices it ends up prompting. To that end NPCatalyst is doing great work ensuring that we’re adhering to those best practices.”

A profile illustrating the charity rating can be found on the NPcatalyst website, located at www.NPcatalyst.com. For additional information on the HealthCheck program, contact NPcatalyst at 775-333-9444.