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Considering a funding campaign?

by pete on February 17, 2017 · 0 comments

Are you thinking about, planning to, or already launching a major funding campaign for your non-profit organization? If so, undertaking a large-scale initiative can be a great deal of fun, which requires significant planning and execution. We continue to learn about non-profit organizations addressing the implementation of major giving campaigns to fund capital, endowment, and […]

Engage children in family philanthropy

by pete on October 19, 2016

The future leadership of communities lies in the hands of children. In addition to quality education, philanthropy provides a great tool for childhood and community development. Involving your children, no matter the age, in philanthropy is a great way to teach values of community, charity and helping your fellow man. In addition to learning from […]

Have you ever conducted a third-party review of the non-profit organization you manage? If you’re a board member, have you ever seen an organizational review of the charitable organization? You can find suitable ways to review your charity’s financial operations through internet searches. We recommend you take a look at those. We also suggest you […]

Strong organizations are governed by outstanding leaders. Fueled with passion, experience, and commitment, the board members of non-profit organizations play vital roles in the direction, management and impact of these groups. The strength of this leadership…and engagement…isn’t always immediately felt upon creating the board or recruiting the new board member. As with many great things, […]

NPcatalyst has designed a system aimed at increasing significant support and awareness to deserving community-benefit organizations…and it doesn’t require a major investment of time or money. Introducing HealthCheck. HealthCheck provides outstanding insight and information by analyzing organizations in five critical organizational management areas. The end result to charities provides: Analysis of five vital areas (finances, […]

Strategic philanthropy is an excellent way to combine company goals with a desire to create charitable goodwill. It’s meant to foster company business growth through targeted giving that corresponds to company interests. At the core of its design, strategic philanthropy is result-oriented, targeting specific goals; developing defined strategies; measuring progress; and determining success. Companies utilizing […]

Over the last five years, we’ve witnessed an interesting progression with donors and volunteers. As a result of charitable competition, economic forces, and electronic capacities, today’s donors are increasingly curious, analyze before acting, and desire greater connectivity. When donors consider non-profit organizations for their contributions, a number of factors come into play, including the donor’s […]

Non-profit sector provides economic strength

by pete on January 24, 2011

  Attending the Reno 2020 Forum last week reminded me of the impact the non-profit sector has on local communities. I was impressed by the Forum, but was disappointed by the absence of the words “non-profit” and “community organizations” from the dialogue. Local economies are driven by the public, private and non-profit sectors. As local […]

Looking for Volunteers? We have the answer!

by pete on January 23, 2011

Central to the core of our corporate mission is linking community supporters with local non-profit organizations. One of the ways we have made successful matches has been by connecting aspiring community leaders with local organizations. We now wish to provide “job” opportunities presented by local charities. If you’re seeking volunteers to fill specific roles, make sure […]

NPcatalyst has been engaged by Reno’s KOLO-TV to help position the network as a leader within the local non-profit community. We’re designing a campaign to provide local charities with outstanding television and online promotional opportunities. The award-winning television network will host a reception solely for non-profit leaders on Wednesday, January 26 at 1:30pm in the KOLO-TV production studio to describe the […]