Business Impact & ROI

We offer businesses of all sizes and from all locations opportunities to enhance their corporate giving initiatives. We’ve analyzed past community engagement efforts, designed giving strategies, promoted company goodwill to local media, and measured the effectiveness of citizenship strategies. Our goal is to help businesses exceed by streamlining charitable giving and generating community buzz.

Strategic community engagement is strategic business.

At NPcatalyst, we deliver solutions to businesses looking to create stronger connections and strengthen communities. If desired by the businesses, we help them leverage their goodwill for a return on their charitable investments.


Below are programs and services offered by NPcatalyst.

Engagement Strategy – We design a charitable and/or community outreach strategy which provides the greatest source of reward and goodwill to the business, while delivering exceptional benefit to the causes and organizations you serve.

Campaign management – We design and manage a campaign aimed at generating funds or serving voluntary hours, or both to local organizations through a campaign or program which generates outstanding impact and significant community awareness.

Workplace giving – Businesses of any size, which wish to conduct workplace giving drives, may utilize two special resources. In addition to public relations, social marketing, and strategic guidance, NPcatalyst will track all giving and the Charitable Fund will collect the 100% tax-deductible contributions.

Community Map – A tool designed to measure the reach and connectivity of employees. Three areas are diagnosed: professional affiliations, networking resources, and community involvement. The resulting report identifies segments within the community, where staff members are strong and indicates the weak areas. From there, strategies to generate business leads, contact with C-level leaders, and community investments can be designed. For more information, visit our Community Mapping webpage.

Direct services

  • Assess past and current giving practices
  • Craft mission and vision statement
  • Design effective giving strategy
  • Determine areas of interest
  • Craft written philanthropic plan
  • Identify, research, and connect with organizations
  • Collect, record, and screen funding requests
  • Design strategy for employee volunteerism
  • Link staff to volunteer/leadership opportunities
  • Connect key officers to C-level leaders
  • Leverage community engagement
  • Drive public relations to generate maximum ROI
  • Measure and track effectiveness

Business and community leader resource one-sheet