Community Connection Map

The NPcatalyst team has designed a tool which takes a virtual snapshot of a company’s community connection. Through our Community Connection Mapping product, clients receive a “map” of their community leadership. The goal is to empower community engagement, generate increased revenue, and foster economic growth.


Do you wonder where your staff members volunteer in the community? What about the professional membership and affiliations or the places they network? Do you recognized employees for their community involvement? Have you ever considered volunteerism as an avenue of corporate growth? Have you leveraged your company’s community engagement for positive brand awareness?

Key benefits found through the mapping service include:

  • Knowing where all staff members are volunteering
  • Recognizing their professional memberships and networking groups
  • Creating strategies for company growth
  • Implementing and tracking volunteer performance
  • Measuring and leveraging community involvement


The Map positions clients for growth       

Businesses are beginning to see extraordinary value in promoting employee volunteerism. Map a grid of your company’s community activism and use the results for corporate growth. Here’s how:

  • Track employee volunteerism
  • Determine target markets with employee connections to network and create new sales leads
  • Identify potential target markets to pursue
  • Provide direction to charitable giving decisions
  • Recognize employees for community service
  • Promote through annual reports, local press, and internal communications


The process is simple

The process of mapping each employee’s community connection (a 12-month snapshot) is designed to be conducted over one month, but can be orchestrated in as short as one week. NPcatalyst handles the vast majority of the work. Key steps include:

  • Strategy – one week to finalize survey, timeline, reporting/analysis, and discuss motivational opportunities
  • Processing – employees given two weeks to submit surveys (via online, written, email, phone)
  • Reporting – one week to prepare final analysis


Additional “complimentary” benefits are offered

  • One hour training of employees on how to pursue and maximize networking through volunteerism activities
  • One hour advice on target markets, leveraging for greater awareness, year-round campaigns


The cost is minimal for the potential return

We’ll design the strategy which best fits the company’s needs and wishes. Contact us to learn more about how conducting a Community Map can impact your business’s bottom line. We can be reached by email and phone (775-333-9444).