fans4causes raises funds in very unique and fun way

Our friends at fans4causes created a very engaging and fun way to raise funds for charitable and community organizations. The prediction-based platform brings sports aficionados to those who don’t know anything about sports together in a unique competition.

We’ve worked with fans4causes (aka Smackline) on contests to raise funds for alumni association student scholarships and veterans services organizations with great success.

Give them a test-drive…there’s no cost…with their Kentucky Derby contest.

Click here to test it out


If you’re interested in creating the same or a very similar contest…even for this weekend’s Derby, contact us right away. We’ll get you set up! It’s very quick and funds go to your charity or the charity of your choice. We’ll even train the host, design a “how to” guide, and promote to participants outside your network.



A little bit about fans4causes (aka Smackline):

Smackline is a new and innovative platform; with a patent-pending business method, that’s changing the way organizations fundraise. Our game plan is simple: to make fundraising easy, effective and fun. To do this, we took something that people enjoy—watching sports—and something people already do—predicting outcomes—and built a fundraising platform around it. Make a donation, predict the results of a matchup and win prizes, all from the comfort of your home. That’s it—no startup costs, no fuss and no car washes.

Anyone can participate, from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection…and maybe some hot wings. There’s always new sporting events to watch, new prizes to win and a new opportunity to help nonprofits.

The fun is just starting. Rally with us and make a difference, one game at a time.


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