Offer for free board assessment ends soon

On the first of this month, we issued an offer to conduct a complimentary board assessment for interested non-profit organizations. There are no restrictions, such as size, location, or sector of the organization. Our desire was to celebrate the start of the new fiscal period with something of benefit to organizations, by showcasing our BoardCheck service.

The deadline to apply is July 15th.

BoardCheck targets a non-profit organization’s growth through the voices of its board leaders. This proven instrument takes a snapshot of the organization’s makeup and activity, thus identifying strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

Conducting annual board evaluations is an ideal solution to strengthening charitable boards and their organizations. For some organizations, they can be difficult to plan, cumbersome to coordinate, and last minute activities. This new survey tool eases the burden and, more importantly, delivers a clear understanding of board leadership.

BoardCheck is delivered in three specific solutions:

  • Raw Survey Results – Your organization will receive a basic summary of survey responses. –  Offer — FREE (typically $129)
  • Results Presentation – Your organization will receive a presentation complete with statistical and graphical results, prepared in a retreat/meeting-ready format.  –  Offer — 50% off (typically $295)
  • Presentation with Analysis – Your organization will receive the presentation-ready report, complete with an analysis of survey results and recommendations –  Offer — 50% off (typically $495)


CLICK HERE if you’re interested in taking advantage of the offer or receiving more information. The offer ends July 15th.

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