Safe Harbors featured on Nevada Matters

Leonard Guevara, founder and executive director of Safe Harbors of Nevada, was the guest on a recent Nevada Matters radio show. Eddie Floyd, host of the program, makes it a point to highlight local non-profit organizations which are deserving of community support. He is also the public information officer for My Journey Home, so he understands the needs which Safe Harbors addresses each day.

The story of Leonard and his Safe Harbors is remarkable. Safe Harbors was founded in June 2004 and has helped thousands of ex-offenders and substance abusers regain their lives.  Leonard Guevara, the director and founder, had a vision to start this program after completing a similar one himself.  He saw how it helped him get back on his feet and give him a support system that he would not have had otherwise.  He wanted to be able to give back to the community, and thought the best way to do so was to open a house where people with substance abuse problems could regain their sobriety by living in a clean and safe environment.

Today, the organization houses up to 48 men and women in the facilities, providing them with the care, meals, clothing, and access to transportation they need to rebuild their lives.

RADIO INTERVIEW – Click here to listen to the show. The interview is just 13 minutes in length.

Be sure to visit the Safe Harbors of Nevada website at

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