Call for Community-Benefit Organization Information

By Pete Parker

It’s no secret that building community strength lies at the heart of my personal and professional missions. I’ve sought to accomplish this by creating opportunities for both community members and organizations, linking organizations to resources (and vice-versa), and opening doors of possibilities.

While I continue working to strengthen community organizations, I actively engage with individual and corporate donors looking to be more strategic with their voluntary and financial gifting. Many are seeking to support organizations which are more aligned with their interests, goals, passions, and capacities to give. It’s exciting to see the synergy created by connecting these potential donors…which make ideal board, major gift and general volunteer candidates…to organizations interested in growth and community impact.

One of these donors, a successful local business, has asked me to present a roster of deserving community-benefit organizations from which they can choose to allocate their voluntary and financial resources. Presenting this list will compliment my next presentation (on June 15), which will be a discussion of the value of establishing community connections. While I know of many community organizations, I would serve as a more valuable resource if I presented a booklet (along with personal insight) of organization profiles.

To make this happen, I’ve designed a simple (3-5 minute) Community Information Profile Form to capture contact information, service opportunities, financial needs, and special event notes for community organizations. All organizations, regardless of location, are welcome to complete the form and, as a result, create a profile for the potential donors with whom I work.

The information form is located at:

Please note that your information will not be sold, but may be provided to those interested in learning more about your organization.

Because meeting with other individuals and businesses are planned, all organizations (regardless of geographical location) are encouraged to submit information. Even if just one connection is made, it could be that one connection which spurs a lifetime of outstanding support.

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