Media4Community is a program designed to connect television and radio stations to their local communities in inspiring and engaging ways. Through our program, stations develop strong alliances with community and charitable organizations by driving increasing awareness to these organizations and their special events.

The program is delivered through a partnership model where organizations are able to establish partnerships focused on greater exposure through the station’s website, on-air, and social media mediums. The benefits to the stations are numerous, including:

  • Establishing direct connection to nonprofits
  • Building mutually-beneficial relationships
  • Increasing viewers and listeners…and followers
  • Generating leads for advertising income
  • Positioning the station as the community leader
  • Driving more visitors to the website
  • Increasing exposure by leveraging social media
  • New advertising/sponsorship revenue

We recognize that each station’s community-alliance strategy is unique to them. Our Media4Community program is designed to adapt to existing models or create new ones, thereby leveraging exposure opportunities.

NPcatalyst provides this in an efficient and reasonably-priced package. Through our leadership, programs are properly launched and centrally managed, where we can serve as the liaison between the station and charities, acting seamlessly as a member of the station’s team.

Send us an email and learn how you can develop stronger charitable and community relationships and, at the same time, increase patrons for your television or radio station.