Assessment solutionBoardCheck targets a non-profit organization’s growth through the voices of its board leaders. This proven instrument takes a snapshot of the organization’s makeup and activity, thus identifying strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

Conducting annual board evaluations is an ideal solution to strengthening charitable boards and their organizations. For some organizations, they can be difficult to plan, cumbersome to coordinate, and last minute activities. To ease the burden and, more importantly, deliver a clear understanding of board leadership, we’ve designed a board analysis survey tool entitled BoardCheck.

BoardCheck is designed to serve as a tool for non-profit growth through the voices of board leaders. Best utilized prior to board retreats and strategic planning processes, BoardCheck is an instrument which takes a snapshot of a non-profit’s current organizational makeup and activity, analyzes it, and identifies strengths and weaknesses…all stemming from their own board members. All analytical information is derived from a 30+ question survey completed by board members.


The survey captures information in the following areas.

  • Mission and vision
  • Board development
  • Marketing, messaging, and community interaction
  • Board culture
  • Leadership and involvement
  • Organizational health
  • Board activity
  • Personal involvement
  • Expertise and skills

Statements rated on the survey include…

  • Board members actively participate in strategic thinking and planning.
  • There is an effective process to determine board recruitment priorities.
  • Board members understand and accept their obligation and level of involvement.
  • There is a specific focus on leadership development for new board members.
  • Board meetings are characterized by substantive discussions.
  • The board uses an effective process to assess progress toward achieving its goals.
  • Board members are encouraged to participate in prospect cultivation and donor solicitation activities.

Particularly advantageous to an upcoming board retreat, strategic planning process, or annual review, the survey features questions to identify key topics, board/organization priorities, recommendations and vision…in written-form from each board member.

Here’s how it works…

  • Charity registers to participate in the survey process
  • NPcatalyst will contact charity rep to review the process
  • NPcatalyst will apply any additions/deletions to the survey
  • Charity leader to send survey link to board members
  • NPcatalyst will provide results

BoardCheck is an ideal tool for boards of non-profit organizations of all sizes. The analysis can be presented via three different reports:

Raw Survey Results


  • The organization will receive a basic summary of survey responses.
Results Presentation


  • The organization will receive a presentation complete with statistical and graphical results, prepared in a retreat/meeting-ready format.
Presentation with Analysis


  • The organization will receive the presentation-ready report, complete with an analysis of survey results and recommendations.

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The value of BoardCheck is found in the third-party nature of the assessment. The tool allows board members to rate, rank, and share personal comments about the organization at their convenience and in the comfortable setting of their own home or office. The analysis provided through the survey and, any review/recommendation shared by NPcatalyst is conducted in an unbiased fashion.

Designed as solution for 501c3 organizations, all data is held in strict confidence and is property of the participating organization. The information will not be released, traded, or sold.

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