HealthCheck Benefits

Drive new dollars and leaders to your organization

NPcatalyst has designed a system aimed at increasing significant support and awareness to deserving community-benefit organizations…and it doesn’t require a major investment of time or money.

HealthCheck provides outstanding insight and information by analyzing organizations in five critical organizational management areas. The end result to charities provides:

  • Analysis of the five areas (derived from a 60+ question form and considerable research)
  • Charity ratings for each area, as well as an overall score
  • Best practices tool featuring recommended strategies for improvement in the five areas
  • Coaching in the areas of fund development and board relations
  • A recommendation “classification” shared with potential contributors

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Potential contributors (predominantly influential and affluential leaders) may research each participating charity by reviewing current, in-depth, and donor-minded data. These leaders, who represent NPcatalyst’s growing spectrum of corporate clients, partners, alliances, and donor connections, receive access to:

  • Recommended charity notifications
  • Examples of successful non-profit organizations and their associated programs
  • Tips and solutions for donor decision-making practices
  • Coaching on proper strategic giving methods, including corporate contributions, employee volunteerism, vendor and employee giving programs

For the price of one ink toner cartridge a month, your organization will be featured to thousands of current and aspiring philanthropists for the primary reason of generating financial contributions.

Cost to Participate

We offer the following options…

  • Charity Rating score – for organizations which simply want to receive a score in each of the five areas, as well as an overall rating. Cost is a one-time fee of $45.
  • Best Practices guide – for organizations seeking both the ratings along with a guide, which provides a review of each area, based on the ratings, as well as recommendations to improve each area. Cost is a one-time fee of $135.

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